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Who we are

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) is the peak national body representing the interests of Australia's six billion dollar a year heavy construction materials industry.

The Construction Materials Industry is vital to the Australian economy.
Generating some $7 Billion in revenues and directly employing over 18,000 Australians right across the country, the construction materials industry is central to Australia's $140 Billion building and construction industries, a powerhouse of the Australian economy. As such cement, concrete and quarry products form a vital and enduring foundation to Australia's built environment.

Our members
CCAA's members are involved in:
  • extraction and processing of quarry products
  • production and supply of cement and and supplementary materials
  • production and supply of premixed concrete
  • supply of associated plant and equipment

What we do
CCAA's principal functions are:


We represent the view of our members to governments and the wider community on a range of issues - including resource access and security, transport, workplace health and safety and the environment.

We also play an active role in the development of industry standards and codes.


CCAA hosts a vast technical library, with up-to-date links to information resources around the world. Library services can be accessed by members as well as engineers, architects, construction industry professionals and academics.

In addition, we research and publish our own technical bulletins and case studies, many of which are freely available on this website. We also publish the highly regarded industry publications C+A and Public Domain - both of which showcase projects that demonstrate the enduring benefits of concrete.


We support decision-makers in the construction industry by providing practical assistance and advice.

We have a team of qualified staff who work directly with engineers, architects and builders around Australia to help them maximise the benefits of using concrete.

These team members have experience in a range of engineering and architectural disci-plines and concrete applications, including:

  • the design and construction of roads and pavements
  • commercial buildings
  • medium-density and residential housing
  • decorative concrete finishes.


We promote our members' products and services through a range of market development activities.

These include projects to identify and develop new market opportunities, initiatives to protect existing markets, and media relations activities.

We also support a number of industry award programs, including our own biennial Public Domain Awards. These Awards recognise the innovative use of concrete in the public domain and are highly regarded in Australia's architectural community.

Where we've come from.

CCAA has been serving the Australian construction industry since 1928.

In 2003 we underwent a major reformation, broadening our membership beyond the cement industry to embrace the extractive and premixed concrete industries.

Today, CCAA's membership is drawn from across the spectrum of the heavy construction materials industry and includes all major industry players.

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